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The Brazilian jazz, which is performed in Portuguese, is an exotic phenomenon for Russia. Even though interest in Latin America made the region’s music popular around the world, the Brazilian bossa nova is “terra incognita” for the Russian audience. It is somewhat unusual granted the music we play is far from elitist—it is democratic and accessible to everyone.
So what kind of music does “Esh” perform?
It is not bossa nova in a traditional sense. Rather, it is a combination of subtle and refined rhythms of Brazilian samba and bossa nova, pierced with effervescent jazz improvisations; it is a charming voice our vocalist and, finally, a unique sound of songs in Portuguese, which resembles the chirm of exotic birds and the splash of the ocean in far away Brazil.
Our repertoire includes classic Brazilian jazz, arrangements of A. C. Jobim, R. Menescal, C. Lyra, I. Lins, M. Valle, J. Donato and the other's songs, many of which are unknown in Russia, and our original songs composed in Portuguese.

About the band

What is “Esh”? What does it literally mean? It’s quite simple—it translates as “flame” from Hebrew. Why Hebrew? The answer is once again simple: Igor Nadezhdin, pianist and band founder, lived in Israel for quite some time, where he came up with the idea of forming a Brazilian Jazz band. The idea finally came to life when the current band members from different countries and cities all met in Moscow. At the end of 2002, the band gave its first performance in the “Oracle of the Divine Bottle” Club.
The band includes a vocalist, a saxophonist, a pianist, a double bass player, and a drummer. Every once in a while we invite a percussionist to perform with us.
Our music and performances have sparked an interest even among those who are far from being devoted jazz fans. We sincerely hope that, having visited our website, you will attend one of our performances and share our love for the Brazilian music!


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